THY KINGDOM CALM photographic journal #5

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Northern Territory, Australia

The Red Centre

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JUSTus Counsel

JUST remember you are unique

JUST like everyone else

JUST don’t take things for granted

JUST take good care of yourself


Stepping on toes…

When offering to help, or simply choosing to share an affectionate moment with others, leads to getting in the way EG..

Being too pushy and eager to fit in, to be accepted or included, is perceived as taking something away from someone else – bringing matters to a head REMINDER… try keeping a level head instead of reacting

Rubbing someone the wrong way – Simply by being playful and happy and willing to share the joy can irritate others, make allowances.   Attempting the hands-on approach when they are not ready or able to receive might upset some !

an annoying little hint…

An irritating persistent parasite out to steal whatever they can – Flea in your ear ?

Compelled to vamp your energy with a view to intimidate until you concede defeat

Ruffling one’s feathers EG. When curiosity looks like riding on someone else’s back while searching for answers or seeking a higher perspective.  Wind direction and grim forecast can also play havoc.

When someone plays the victim or abuser role triggering fear based anger …THAT  really gets my goat and brings out the Boxer in others

Basket case or sandwich short of a picnic? – when everything gets too much and you are declared as emotionally unstable even a nervous wreck… hang in there!

If you are pushed to the limit.. take a breath and find that state of mind marked by concentration – put on your thinking cat and KEEP CALM

and remember, despite our differences we are all in this together

PussyFoot observations and recent experiences… prescribed remedy –

Laugh it off (with compassionate tones) what the people need is a way to make them smile…

Listen to the Music – Doobie Bros.












Karmic Spin Cycle

Is it your task to bring them down a peg or two?

soften and bleach before the dark stain spreads?

After the ecstasy we can hang out laundry

Spin some yarns and cut off old threads

pussyfoot thoughts and reminders

Mirror mirror

Searching my mind

I hate to find

Every thought has twisted into unkind

Looking is free

in the mirror you see

Fearing shadow scream.. are you blind?

pussyfoot speaks to reflection

feathers in her cap….

…..Get plucked !!


Her radar often picks up interference

sending static down the line

Sensing someone nearby

Shonky shivers reminding her spine

Rubbing her eyes was rather symbolic

Trying to block things out might bring her down

Pretending not the notice

He followed her right into town

When she stuck her hand up through the sunroof

It was not for a rude gesture to share

She was releasing his feather from her cap

Whispering softly  “he no longer cares”

Trophies and treasure no longer bring her pleasure

So let him crush it or run it over now

Leave it all on the track and don’t look back

the cat will no longer meow

some dark feathers remain stuck in pussyfoot’s throat

watching his Birds mess with her antennae

hunt or be hunted she hesitates

Its her own heads crazy vendetta

Blessings from Pussyfoot

La la la

La la la la la



strong foundations

pushed to the limit

working hard to make ends meet

watching towers crumble

things fall apart

to make room for something else

to come together


pick up the pieces

Pussyfoot the architect of dreams

scaffolding and bridges of light

under construction

this time build upon the rock


molding the shifting sands

into half baked ideas of love

was the practise you needed

warnings to be heeded

LESSONS in foundation

pussyfoot…. back to the drawing board




beautiful nature

I can hardly recognise your playfulness

It’s hidden behind those tickets

Stuck all over your beautiful nature

There’s some screeching at your throat “I’m angry”

And blood stained jealously on your back

There’s a tattoo of a purple heart on your chest

And in the middle of your forehead spells “kiss me”

Let me peel off these attachments

And wipe clean the sticky stuff underneath

Can we restore the colours of our beautiful moments?

Please don’t take mine away

It’s how I choose to remember you

So forgive me please

As I collect what’s left to hold and cherish

My Sixteen hundred and eleven magic moments

Moments that remain embedded in my heart

The truly madly deeply kind

The ones that leave you smiling for days

Returning the twinkles in your eye

And putting the spring in your step

You held my hand with your open heart

And you reached inside to my thoughts

Tangled around your beautiful mind

my dysfunctional patterns you lovingly caught



eternally grateful, still pussyfooting