Snooze OR choose

……TOO late you lose!

Pussyfooting song for this week: The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading

Maybe it’s about…… armour trading foot soldiers??

She seems to want her cake and a muffin on the side and now she suffers heartburn !!

“are you so strong or is all the weakness in me”?

pussyfooter lesson : snooze OR choose, procrastinate and you’ll lose

“this old love has me bound, but the new love cuts deeps”

this old world is so round, and the new world is so steep




anything is possible

3,6,9, the duckie drank wine

The reptile underwater tried to show she’s sublime

Sublime wave broke

he offered her a toke

now they both walk on water

yeah they’re goin’ for broke



I’ll just dip my toe in this puddle

Moving forward, am i on the right path?

The still fresh water can soothe my pain

But how do I ignore the bloodbath?


trouble with sex

Trouble with sex is you can fall in love

By Renee Weldon From the 2005 Irish drama Trouble with Sex

Songwriters: Finn, Neil Mullane