Everybody NOSE

Everybody knows

We inhale loves scent and sneeze

Everybody knows

Resistance triggers our allergies

Everybody knows

A breath of wind can blow your leaves

Everybody knows

The fragrance of music notes and keys

Everybody knows

Sticky beaks snoop and tease

Everybody knows

Busy bodies spread dis-ease

Everybody knows

Sniffing dogs you can catch fleas

Everybody knows

Pussyfooter’s nose is harder to please

Everybody knows

Aromatherapy, a nose for trees

Everybody knows

One whiff he’ll be on his knees



Princess pussyfooter

At any given moment you have


to say

this is not how the story is going to end


Experience is a difficult teacher

it offers the test first

the lesson afterwards

PJ… pants learning the dance








it was cold last night sleeping alone, I don’t usually wear PJ’s but when I dropped my pants this morning this is how they landed, true !! a heart in my pajamas LOL

hope you like my random foot selfie and hot pants ! I mean HEART pants

have a nice day 😉


Wilson took a trip out to Snapper Island

I don’t want to wake up

Star dust and sand holds our truth

Scattered into a million pieces

Disguises and hidden cameras

Capturing emotion and new releases

Highlighting his true behaviour

Broadcasting live around the globe

Through airwaves upon the artificial sky

24/7 Tune in and you’ll be showed

His friends and family are all actors

The cast and crew tracking his every move

Local radio is part of the conspiracy

Making sure he stays within the groove

Living in this controlled environment

He knew nothing else Up until now

Mystery and bliss gone the party is over

He tries to move forward without knowing how

It’s all been a lie and it’s time he woke up

To subtle abnormalities in his everyday life

He struggles to accept these many changes

Synchronicity and strange behaviour from his wife

But They don’t want him to leave yet

He’s been highly rated entertainment

Warning: don’t interfere with the controller

Or you’ll end up in similar containment

When his father died and his old flame showed up

It was all too much to take in

He knew it was time something had to give

There’s a new life waiting to begin

He’s watching from the shoreline now

The campaign to reveal his true self

A pathway to freedom and love of all kinds

Leaving dusty old records on the shelf

Finally he overcomes his deepest fears

As he sailed to the edge of his humanity

At last near death drowning his doubt

Opening lost ideas and new possibility

The bow pierces through the dome’s painted sky

He follows the staircase to Exit and take flight

His final words are “In case I don’t see  you

good afternoon

good evening

and goodnight”