Stepping on toes…

When offering to help, or simply choosing to share an affectionate moment with others, leads to getting in the way EG..

Being too pushy and eager to fit in, to be accepted or included, is perceived as taking something away from someone else – bringing matters to a head REMINDER… try keeping a level head instead of reacting

Rubbing someone the wrong way – Simply by being playful and happy and willing to share the joy can irritate others, make allowances.   Attempting the hands-on approach when they are not ready or able to receive might upset some !

an annoying little hint…

An irritating persistent parasite out to steal whatever they can – Flea in your ear ?

Compelled to vamp your energy with a view to intimidate until you concede defeat

Ruffling one’s feathers EG. When curiosity looks like riding on someone else’s back while searching for answers or seeking a higher perspective.  Wind direction and grim forecast can also play havoc.

When someone plays the victim or abuser role triggering fear based anger …THAT  really gets my goat and brings out the Boxer in others

Basket case or sandwich short of a picnic? – when everything gets too much and you are declared as emotionally unstable even a nervous wreck… hang in there!

If you are pushed to the limit.. take a breath and find that state of mind marked by concentration – put on your thinking cat and KEEP CALM

and remember, despite our differences we are all in this together

PussyFoot observations and recent experiences… prescribed remedy –

Laugh it off (with compassionate tones) what the people need is a way to make them smile…

Listen to the Music – Doobie Bros.













dont waste your time trying…

…to get my goat

leave the Kid alone

Hes my pet project

PussyFoot spotted Pluto and this fishy Goat pretending to be a Kid



GEM n EYE… the twins

by the sea

Neptune acts to dissolve whatever it touches

Square the Gemini Sun… self deception and facing the enemy

letting things happen without fighting back or responding

learning to let go of ego attachments… identity crisis

self image…re-worked for greater, perhaps more spiritual sense of purpose

pussyfoots reads at this Café…and tasted some of the abovementioned



thought Management

Out of sight searching out of mind

Helpful stints and roles we play blind

Disconnect before they project

Expectations on the table to reject

A silent reaction colours your every move

Retrogrades and renegades etch the old-age groove

Disc Spinner

PussyFootNotes: all retrograde cycles compel us to return to the scene of the crime

Lace Up Your Shoes

Trevor Hall – Beautiful Lunatic

Lyrics: With the stars out / We got everything that can save us / With my window down / I’ve found my way to my haven … Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Released: 2004
Genre: Acoustic


Crabs on the Capricorn Coast

crabclaw-mosaic seastar-mosaic crab-mosaic octopus-mosaic stingray-mosaic turtle-foot-mosaic turtle-mosaic-foot

pussyfooting around the water park @ 23*26’13.5″

latitude with gratitude on the Capricorn Coast, Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia


I’ve started to Deep End on him

A beautiful experience

…one will never forget

Falling into love with Love

…without any regret

Swimming into the deep end

…deliriously wet

Humming tunes and singing love songs

Remind us “Don’t”

…said the good wise Ferret


“Ahhh don’t fall in love”

pussyfoot reminder



LOVE intercepts TIME

Time for the healer to heal

Tired from carrying the heavy load

Trying to repair age-old problems

Testing and clearing the new road


Interesting chimes of communication

Invisible helpers will assist and plan

Internet prompting intuition with

Inklings measured by HeartSpan


Memories afloat of lost loved ones

Melt into opportunities to let go

Moments in time we sink into

More than we care to show


Eventually her Love will heal “Times” damage

Engraved messages still bleeding his heart

Eleven times a day she finds more

Entangled thoughts brutally torn apart

DR.whoPOCKETwatch time piece

Pussyfoots observation of this week’s planetary aspects


Venus trine Chiron,  Mars trine Venus, Venus Square Uranus, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Venus /Saturn, Venus /Neptune, Mercury opposition Pluto