things aint cooking….

…in my kitchen


He’ll bring you down by cutting away strings

Never needing your love or friendship

Just randomly knock your block off

And not think twice

Using his badly stained chip behind wings

Sitting squarely on his shoulders

Believing he’s better than the rest

Arrogantly strutting his stuff

Don’t even think of disturbing his nest

Claiming his prize set out on a limb

He actually enjoys falling out of his branch

Clucky Homeward sounds

Angrily flapping as he raves and rants

Constantly hen pecked and scratched he says

Momentarily sidetracked by pretty feathers

Doing a flyby of his coop coming home to roost

Observing her shallow breath and directions

Pussyfoot’s thoughts floating in warm chicken soup….

…Wind direction, WeatherCock, Rooster, fair game, feathers, fly, fowl play, Hen, Chicken, Coop, nest, anger, unhappy, rules the roost, Tower of the Winds, steeple, cock-a-doodle-doo, Saint Peter, Last Supper, sacred symbols, plumage, chicken soup, Woodface, chip off the old block, chip on his shoulder….

menopausal mumbles

it’s OK im FINE !!!