Ascension symptoms

LOVE lift us up where we belong


Put your right foot in

maybe this planet

is hell’s waiting room !!


they told me

to get to heaven

I must go through Hell !



:Put your right foot in

put your right foot out

put your right foot in

and shake it all about

Pussyfoot  does the Hokey Pokey

and she turns herself around

That’s what it’s all about


Mirror mirror

Searching my mind

I hate to find

Every thought has twisted into unkind

Looking is free

in the mirror you see

Fearing shadow scream.. are you blind?

pussyfoot speaks to reflection

always land on your feet darling

Survival techniques in the material world

Remain lost with no intention to be found

A voice from the hole speaks in riddles

The fewer the seeds the more they sow

When she was young pussy^^foot expected the world

Even when she didn’t fully understand it

Look at the world and remember it’s turning

Blind faith let her believe it was all for the taking

Life moves on with or without you, she heard

Take what you can and live for today

Watch them speed up generations with confidence

Can’t imagine why competition breeds arrogance and hate

Don’t you see what’s wrong?

Can’t you tell what’s right?

She cried when many hearts were attacked and lay wounded

crippled by doubt and intimidated by fear

Then she sees one standing there alone

Puzzled yet holding such delightful joy

Singing “I’m all I’ll ever be right now”

All the moments came and went in a split second

Yesterday’s all stretched out held with rubber bands

Taking their cue from the most foolish of things

Backfiring in the face of past belief systems

Still someone attempts to control her love

Remaining still in the busiest of places is remarkable

She found a new outlook and platform for viewing

Thinking out loud with her heart centered soul

Lovingly guided by spirit and directed by her almighty self


Thanks mummy,




Both feet wet

getting your hopes up

and your wires crossed

get to the bottom of it

before your temper gets lost

off the top of your head

end of the stick has misled

mind all over the place

stay put just in case

hedge your bets

trying to stake your claim

landing on your feet

up to your neck in fame

try eating your words

don’t bite off more than you can chew

sample the humble pie

you know the drill… in the far queue

just in the nick of time

you kick up your heels

you’ve hit the nail on the head

now foot the bill for my meals

if you are prepared to get your feet wet

you can make my toes curl

let’s put our best foot forward

go for broke….  I’m your girl


NO MORE pussyfooting !!

SUBletting freeDOM

he tells me how it is

i remember how it was

we talk about how it could be

the strategy to set us free

The Present, The Past, The Future

SUBletting freeDOM



Almost Paradise

He loves to hate her and hates to love her

I know how he feels

One minute she’s loving and tender

Then she acts like it’s not real

From my observations

she pussyfoots around

this love light flickers

she doesn’t make a sound

she’ll draw you in to mesmerize your senses

and with longing fascination

you watch her rebuild the fences

it’s a technique she’s familiar with

labelled self preservation

her rejection safeguard

a well rehearsed renovation

in a way she actually mimics him

builds them up just to tear them down

these walls are pretty flimsy though

so he need not hold that frown

Pussy^^Foot  –  almost paradise

“Almost Paradise” …Love Theme from  the 1984 film Footloose , written by Eric Carmen and co-written by Dean Pitchford and sung as a duet by singers Mike Reno (Loverboy) and Ann Wilson (Heart).

Incidentally it is Kevin Bacon’s birthday today 8th July, 1958  ….LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOY




I’ll just dip my toe in this puddle

Moving forward, am i on the right path?

The still fresh water can soothe my pain

But how do I ignore the bloodbath?