things aint cooking….

…in my kitchen


He’ll bring you down by cutting away strings

Never needing your love or friendship

Just randomly knock your block off

And not think twice

Using his badly stained chip behind wings

Sitting squarely on his shoulders

Believing he’s better than the rest

Arrogantly strutting his stuff

Don’t even think of disturbing his nest

Claiming his prize set out on a limb

He actually enjoys falling out of his branch

Clucky Homeward sounds

Angrily flapping as he raves and rants

Constantly hen pecked and scratched he says

Momentarily sidetracked by pretty feathers

Doing a flyby of his coop coming home to roost

Observing her shallow breath and directions

Pussyfoot’s thoughts floating in warm chicken soup….

…Wind direction, WeatherCock, Rooster, fair game, feathers, fly, fowl play, Hen, Chicken, Coop, nest, anger, unhappy, rules the roost, Tower of the Winds, steeple, cock-a-doodle-doo, Saint Peter, Last Supper, sacred symbols, plumage, chicken soup, Woodface, chip off the old block, chip on his shoulder….

menopausal mumbles

it’s OK im FINE !!!



What if?

What if all we ever did or did not do

was designed to be here this moment in time

You could forgive all the wrong doings and tragedy

and love in peaceful rhythm and rhyme

pussyfoot tries hard to forgive reptiles



alphabetic message for Pussyfoot

To Know A Veil

“Absolutely at your service

…forever we will Obey”

Attention to detail on how to act

…they’ll teach you their correct way

“Believe everything we tell you

…sit still while we adjust”

Brainwashing into submission

…from here you will oppose the word Trust

“Carry on regardless

…even when it hurts your head”

Courage is the only antidote

…down this path you must be led

“Dangers are presented now

…we’ll put you to the test”

Dilemma spells results to make you

…better than your best

“Eventually you will follow our rules

…and do exactly as we say”

Even when it seems so wrong

…and they tell you it’s OK

yellow brick road

“Follow the path we designed for you

…and you’ll make us all so proud”

“Forget joining that Rock and Roll band

…the music is way too loud”

Growing up looks black and white

…nobody likes colours mixed

Girls and boys in their rightful place

…stay in line with their eyes fixed

“Hunger for something different

…we can’t express this to anyone”

“Happiness is that thought somewhere

…imagination will somehow run”


Interconnected by technology

…it’s taught like second nature

“Intelligence is downloaded

…dare not treat it like a stranger”

Jealousy won’t settle the score

…about science verses spirituality

Join as one harmonize in song

…we’ll find wonderful commonality

Knights and kindred spirits

…slaying dragons and nasty beasts


Killing will become obsolete

…traded in for sumptuous feasts

Lions will lay down with lambs

…extraordinary! they will say

Lead him not into temptation

…of hunting his natural prey

Mary, Noah and the Whale are here

….Moses heard it through the burning bush


Men and Women will soon recognise

…leadership is not about the push

Narcissistic recollections sold

…counting sheep through lucky stars

No need to pay back that deed

…shepherds will heal the deepest scars

Oppressed we were downtrodden

…thoughts gather in our sleep

Overreaction is a mind made hold

…pray that your soul does not keep

Poets Priests and Politicians

…steer you down their garden path

Planting seeds of possibilities

…paper daisies make you laugh


Quietly contemplating

…whether or not to take a leap

Quantum theories will provide a clue

…about the benefits you will reap

Rest assured there are no prisoners

…no victims or perpetrators

Resurrected customs and tribes

…LOVEviews will be facilitators

Salvation will be delivered

…from sin and it’s consequences

Sitting still and waiting

…is like perching on high fences

Time is NOT your essence

…..your essence will never run out

Transcend fear to embrace your own style

….flow with grace is what it’s about

Understanding your own nature

…..letting the many stories go

Ultimately sets your spirit free


….guiding the Heart inklings to grow

Victims and play acting

…..will still be part of that game

Visibility now to see beyond

…..finds the big picture to stay sane

Wherever this pussyfoot may wander

……she makes the journey light and amusing

Wonderful discoveries unfold

…..when your higher self is choosing

X-rated thoughts run amok

…..pull them back to projecting PG

Xerox these reminders

…..there is something here for FREE

Yesterday’s and tomorrows

….simply fade into the distance

You learn to stay in present time

….and own your piece de resistance

Zero slides to full blast

… can rock into new vibrations

Zealously moving your whole body

…..dancing into higher expectations


heartSinkling message to Pussyfoot

WARNING:  dangerous for your health

Contemplating the pro’s and con’s

…I’ve had some terrible thoughts about you

Some of them quite deliberate

…and some were completely out of the blue


When I drift into my fantasy zone

…it’s a wonderful adventure

Then a memory of your wickedness

…creates a mind field architecture


My perception has been severely tainted

…by so many lies and delusion

So how would I ever know what’s real

…through this smokescreen of confusion


Images of you stick to my skin

…and I can’t simply wipe them off

There were times when I would say NO MORE!

…chain smoking… I’ve developed a cough


When you know it’s toxic

…and you still go back

Thinking one last puff

…it’s not as bad as smack


The devil you know

…you keep close at hand

The devil you don’t

… is like changing your brand


We could work through this together

…make tracks for others to follow

Although it seems rather uncomfortable

…this bitter pill we must swallow


Did I dream you were just here?

…or was it one more beautiful mirage

Sinking back into my twilight zone

…well designed by self sabotage


Pussyfoot  quit smoking years ago

fighting DOG

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog….

Mark Twain

PHOTO: monument (Gold Coast) dedicated to Animals in War reads…….They served and died alongside ANZACs in wars and conflicts in pursuit of world peace and freedom of mankind. Their contribution must never be forgotten.  May the Lord bless them all as they had no choice.

Nipper the Grammy dog

Francis James Barraud (16 June 1856 – 29 August 1924)



His most famous work, His Master’s Voice, is one of the best-known commercial logos in the world….the Jack Russell Terrier (named Nipper) and phonograph inspired the music industry and used by the corporations such as HMV, RCA, AND JVC.


“The Grammy Dog”


Cyndi Lauper in her video clip “Time After Time” she is holding her ornamental Nipper…. she is so unusual

music/lyrics LINK



pressure points


It’s a tricky situation

Handling deep dark emotions

With a salty pointed finger

Especially at those

Entangled within pussyfoots heart

They attach and tend to linger


Strings Wrap around

hand-me-down thoughts

Holding them firmly

Squeezing the life

from mind made fantasies

Spilling into sensual surprises

Playing everything that arises


Deeply Troubled

While handcuffed to an overwound clock

Slapped by unforgiving hands of time

Try waving yesterday’s goodbye

Melting with space between paws in chime


Palms spoke freedom

Exploring the depth of your own wickedness

Choosing to bring the darkness up

In a safe place at two arms length

Notice the striking resemblance

burning through to REmind

with thumbs up acceptance

understanding faith of the blind



Truly Madly in-love following insanely out-of-tune

Written pages and notes from a long forgotten show

Fall below the stage

where acoustically deranged Angels play

to an applause of appreciation

whilst the Actors continually rehearse Happiness

Tickling our funny bone

Yet nobody really knows the Score

“Love Deeply Forevermore”

Hands Down


Set your own tempo

Hands down, handling, touched, finger pointing, squeezed, hold tight, applause, arms length, hands of time, hand-me-down, slapped, writing, funny bone, Palmistry,  thumbs Up, shoulder the blame, handcuffed, waving goodbye, reach out and touch somebody, second hand news, musical director, hand stand, fingers burnt

pussyFOOTs  REFLEXOLOGY pressure points


Same dances in the same old shoes


single released November, 1975 B-SIDE After The Thrill Is Gone

Same dances in the same old shoes
Some habits that you just can’t lose
There’s no telling what a man might use,
After the thrill is gone

The flame rises but it soon descends
Empty pages and a frozen pen
You’re not quite lovers and you’re not quite friends
After the thrill is gone, oh,
After the thrill is gone

What can you do when your dreams come true
And it’s not quite like you planned?
What have you done to be losing the one
You held it so tight in your hand well

Time passes and you must move on,
Half the distance takes you twice as long
So you keep on singing for the sake of the song
After the thrill is gone
After the thrill is gone

You’re afraid you might fall out of fashion
And you’re feeling cold and small
Any kind of love without passion
That ain’t no kind of lovin’ at all, well

Same dances in the same old shoes
You get too careful with the steps you choose
you don’t care about winning but you don’t want to lose
After the thrill is gone
After the thrill is gone
After the thrill is gone, oh
After the thrill is gone
Written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey