…they wont suspect a thing



Lifting the Lids


Hypnosis their chosen entertainment

Eyes opened like windows to the soul

Lining up now for public humiliation

Leave them to dig their own hole


Hells gates were disguised so plainly

Afterlife is the point where Know returns

Tricksters often trade with dark magic

How many lives before one learns?


Frantically trying to backpedal

Unleashing vital messages well hid 

Randomly striking out against opposition

Young bloods spin Pandora with no lid


 And then there was Hope

PussyFoot claims that Curiosity did not kill the cat

Hope has been hiding in the box all along


Kicking the blame


Until further notice

i intend to remain

hurt and broken

You ignored me


thats all I can see right now

You cut me off

so I chased you with my bruised ego

and stubborn pride

Then I tripped and fell

so I stomped in anger and swore at you

with my feet on fire

When I started kicking the blame

you laughed at me so I turned away

and pouting still

My affectionate Smile is temporarily inverted

I’ll let you know when I’m done

Pussyfooting around the Trickster



WARNING: snake in the grass

Airy Fairy so contrary

My how your ego has grown

With forked tongue slipped every rung

Loved pretty maids all in row


Pussyfoot hissy fit

beautiful nature

I can hardly recognise your playfulness

It’s hidden behind those tickets

Stuck all over your beautiful nature

There’s some screeching at your throat “I’m angry”

And blood stained jealously on your back

There’s a tattoo of a purple heart on your chest

And in the middle of your forehead spells “kiss me”

Let me peel off these attachments

And wipe clean the sticky stuff underneath

Can we restore the colours of our beautiful moments?

Please don’t take mine away

It’s how I choose to remember you

So forgive me please

As I collect what’s left to hold and cherish

My Sixteen hundred and eleven magic moments

Moments that remain embedded in my heart

The truly madly deeply kind

The ones that leave you smiling for days

Returning the twinkles in your eye

And putting the spring in your step

You held my hand with your open heart

And you reached inside to my thoughts

Tangled around your beautiful mind

my dysfunctional patterns you lovingly caught



eternally grateful, still pussyfooting



Don’t lead me into your war zone

Infuriate so I’ll fight back

Pushing my buttons for a reaction

Stimulating anger and that snap

Humiliation you orchestrate perfectly

Invoked by desires and honouring your need

Trampling over my confidence

Scratch my eye and I’ll make you bleed