Both feet wet

getting your hopes up

and your wires crossed

get to the bottom of it

before your temper gets lost

off the top of your head

end of the stick has misled

mind all over the place

stay put just in case

hedge your bets

trying to stake your claim

landing on your feet

up to your neck in fame

try eating your words

don’t bite off more than you can chew

sample the humble pie

you know the drill… in the far queue

just in the nick of time

you kick up your heels

you’ve hit the nail on the head

now foot the bill for my meals

if you are prepared to get your feet wet

you can make my toes curl

let’s put our best foot forward

go for broke….  I’m your girl


NO MORE pussyfooting !!


What terrible things ?????

What terrible things

Have we all done?

And regretfully

Taken with us into

The next life

Eventually we learn

Respect for each other

Responsibility for our actions

Internally merging

Brilliantly shining

Light beings navigating

Ethereal landscapes

Travelling confused yet following

Heart centred signposts with

Inklings collected along the way

Nicely placed messages with some

Gravitational influence pulling wool over

Sending your moral compass to spin and seduce


pussyfoot wears Heart Shaped Wings……. couldn’t possibly do terrible things



halo missing


MAGIC happens

White hot centre hypnotised pussyfoot’s eyes

With warm embraces lingering mesmerised

Crackling sounds breaking down her inhibitions

Burning to destroy any smoke screen suspicions


Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

offerings of peace

meet LUNIcorn


Pussyfoot’s plushy named LUNIcorn

“I’ve got your back”

My dragonfly ally hunts away all other bugs

Any intruders that fly near me he chases them away

No other bodyguard has been so dedicated

Helping me, guiding me and keeping me safe

Organising and patrolling the immediate area

Ordering the other insects off the premises

Determined and loyal when appointed as my protector



Even the cicadas are terrified of him

Notice his “tough guy” approach


Even willing to risk life and wings for me

God only knows why !

Overly masculine response perhaps


Stage is set to move forward with grace

Offering recognition and a faster pace

Under closer inspection it’s not even a race

Leaving behind your baggage without a trace



Balance is the BIG Gig coming up

After this minuscule show is over

Love is the new currency to exchange

Act Five supports acrobatics mid flight

Newly wed they will join tonight

Consummate and harmonize

Evolution of the human kind


Perspective of a Pussyfoot Princess

FOOTNOTE: it must be because he loves that pussyfoot so much….that he is willing to risk life and wing for her (3rd February, 2016)


Valentine Lace !!!

Misplaced his right mate

Insole worn down and left to rot

Anxiously waiting here he tied his own knot


Valentine…..KNOT !!!  – sole mate Missing In Action

Is this what you meant when you wanted to see lace?


OPEN all hours

Hourly Heart Rates

Minutes to spare

Second guessing with every stare


Pussyfoot is Open all hours…. HMS