i can walk under ladders


what a painful human design


when your heart struggles to realign

but i’m Lucky

Desires, sparks and fires

Moments of bliss

keep climbing higher

sneaky little so-and-so

conveniently finds you a big fan

So your embers lovingly glow

igniting more fireworks

sit back and watch the show

don’t look for love

Love knows the way… they say

It’s not the object that is desired

but those feelings are so required

bleed and burn

just a reminder

yes you’re alive

survival through the ashes

with some smoke filled lungs

be grateful for small mercies

and repairmen on the rungs

Snakes and ladders folded

into parts of this twisted game

Pussy^^foot wastes energy

looking for someone to blame


A black cat, ladder, magpie and broken mirror


my weakness

Wounded and lost

she keeps running

to the edge of freedom

Caught in the cross fire

of her dreams and desires

She took some shrapnel

in the back

of her mind

and kept small pieces

well hidden

Fragments of figments

embedded in the

depths of her imagination

will now resurface

to  open old wounds

for healing




too slow

Tossed aside like an old sandshoe

Your faithful companion

Always there

A comfortable fit

Now replaced with a new improved version

The ones that put a spring in your step

Go ahead

Walk away

One day you will understand

What it means to walk alone