hanging around

Life’s a Beach



COOL your heals

Have you ever felt bombarded by suggestions and ideas?

Wondering if the voices would stop if you cut off your ears?

Maybe thoughts of rearranging  your nose despite your face?

Shut your mouth tight hoping life would fall into place?

Tried closing your eyes so the truth doesn’t seep through?

Then drowning your brain with booze avoiding starting something new?


YES x 6 = Classic symptoms suffered by pussyfoot

Nb.Pussyfoot read somewhere  See NO evil  Hear NO evil  Speak NO evil but it’s unclear if Monkey guidelines would apply to cats besides that she is notorious for misinterpreting so many things anyways


Sunshine on Mars

SoM covers the 1975 Elvin Bishop classic. This track appears on the “Drink A Toast To Innocence – A Tribute To Lite Rock” compilation. Video by Stephen Shumate.


Don’t lead me into your war zone

Infuriate so I’ll fight back

Pushing my buttons for a reaction

Stimulating anger and that snap

Humiliation you orchestrate perfectly

Invoked by desires and honouring your need

Trampling over my confidence

Scratch my eye and I’ll make you bleed



dragon me back

You know I don’t like the dark

yet I’m drawn in awe of your brilliance

Those graphic reminders of pain

dragon back to the cave with resistance


pussyfoot warrior defences weakened

hide away

i run away, i hide away

it’s how I’ve learnt to survive

my pussyfoot instincts

struggle to keep my love alive


the fight or flight reaction

triggered by an insensitive remark

makes a shaky ground to walk upon

and leaves the vehicle in park


when the focus remains on even the score

whispered desires remain unspoken

can love find the space to live here anymore

while hearts and minds lay bent and broken?