JUSTus Counsel

JUST remember you are unique

JUST like everyone else

JUST don’t take things for granted

JUST take good care of yourself



Lowered EYE Que

Noise calculations and eye examinations

Under the impression I’m always wrong

Lifelong lessons adding to my collection

Longing to sing in harmonious song


Valuable exchanges as life rearranges

Organised chaos I’ll have to accept

Interrupted by perception pointing in a new direction

Demoted feelings remained well kept

PussyFoot problems and perception… go join the Far Que


Insider Reminder

You’ve been to the future

so apparently you know how this ends

but did we forget or consider

that the sands of time keep shifting

Nothing is set in concrete

destiny is altered every moment

with every choice we make

every action we take

every heart we break

here and now

Yesterday’s continue to shape

and mould the view

we only know what we know


we don’t know what we don’t know


is there a danger in knowing

too much

too soon

Projecting into the future

observing possible outcomes

altering your perception

and sending others into a spin

Lining up to bend your way

the Universe wants to deliver

your wishes

But what about everyone else?

being pushed and pulled by

all the thoughts that were ever thought

forever floating around waiting

to be acknowledged

Making adjustments

to clear the way

to make your day

Follow the guiding lights

they shine for you

over the molehills and faraway

from the temptations

and distractions

designed to test and tease

Letting the other gods pull your strings

will attract more of the same

Expand your awareness

taking a wide angle view

Measurements of the big picture

are only limited by your imagination

Explore that playground

of your own imagination

And play nice together


Pussyfoot insider reminder





just a thought

Those brilliant thoughts and ideas

Where do they all go?

Around the block and into the atmosphere?

Maybe they fly across the field

to those who have the biggest catcher mitt

The ones who have the wildest imagination to reflect

The ones who allow dreams to enter reality

The ones who remain open to receive and expand

Leaving their doors wide open

The netted goal posts are ready

ready to collect your thoughts that slipped out

thoughts that are similar gather

magnetically attracted to one another

Balls of ideas and thoughts shoot through

From left, right and centre

Towards the goal

The catcher, the goalie, willingly collects

thought bubbles and balls of ideas

and at times some of your greatest fears

And he is now assigned to act them out

Or write it out

On your behalf

The heroes, the brave ones, the guru

The ones we love dearly, celebrity, the superstar

Up there for the whole world to see

Taking a fall for us

Smoothing the cutting edge for us

Easing the pain for us

Collecting the balls for us

And expressing the things

we are not yet brave enough to share

Tip your hat and thank the catcher

for he is the one prompting us

to express ourselves and to play the game

helping to access our creativity and release fears

until we are ready to own these

thought bubbles and balls of ideas

and express and manage them ourselves


Two is company…

Beware of that sticky third aspect

Playing unholy triad without respect

There is you and there is me

and invariably we become three

This bliss seems like divine interventions

The perfect match in soul mate dimensions

Then splitting off into some parallel universe

where two lovers meet to relate and converse

A portal left open is a dangerous invitation

for dark cupid’s poison arrows perforation

Once you’ve been stung you will fall under his spell

Whilst evil spirits set the table and ring your bell

Food for thought and thoughts bend over rude

They will feed on your emotion and fertilise your mood

Take care and keep hold of your positive light

Negativity breeds pain and brings darkness upon night

Safe guard your mind to allow for better perception

If there are birds in your antennae you may have a dodgy connection

Seeking help try looking toward a higher authority

Speaking with your almighty SELF will ultimately help the majority

I write these INKlings from a place in liquid time

Where Pussyfoot is mesmerised then balanced with rhyme

 Pussyfoots nocturnal visitor… three’s a crowdrandyRABBIT



Goodness gracious me

He was the extension lead

The conduit to channel her healing

But she was a secret shopper

Waiting to catch him out stealing


He felt an overwhelming temptation

To use his power to reach all he desires

It was her role to test him

Making sure there were no crossed wires


She was cautioned about falling so deeply

Knew that the Mind would play tricks

Yet she played along with the charade

Biting hard without bleeding for kicks


When she realised her own power

It attracted great responsibility

But that pussyfoot wasn’t ready for it

And it was all blown out to sea


Those already in the NOW

Have mastered surfing the waves

They can teach us all better moves

Learning to free the other slaves


All energy is borrowed

Some call for it more than others

We are all here to serve

It’s just that some work better UNDER covers


Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers “Millionairess”





There was limited chance of flying with me

While you surrounded yourself with her dark mystery

But worst of all you sold your soul

And she helped you to dig a fucking great hole

Playing the victim, suits worn seeking attention

Saving you from yourself was my foolish intention

When I did reach out with some comic relief

I was met with a challenge beyond my belief

The bridge you designed to reach my imagination

Collapsed several times under your own jubilation

Safety in numbers and a strategy to win

Words are your weapons and reasoning for sin

When I made my choices to play your game

My disappointment rose as you put me to shame

But I read somewhere experience is necessary

So I played along until I read your obituary

Now life has shifted like sand in the hour glass

Pussyfoot wishes you the best knowing the pain will pass