kept in the dark…

… and fed UP

is no excuse for hiding from the light

pussyfoot’s profound pondering




Four WordPlay

I told you already

this doesn’t concern you

no cameras allowed here

none of your business

P ❤ F


I’m warning you..Hsss


vehicle access… target practise

Dear Cupid,

what is your aim?

pussyfoot doesnt understand the point of falling in love with everyone

Shot through the heart and you are to blame

those darts hurt more coming out than going in

Cupid… you give love a bad name

P ❤ F

FOOTnote: self love denied Cupid access



The Last Nail

Noise calculations and eye examinations

Under the impression I’m always wrong

Lifelong lessons adding to my collection

Longing to sing your favourite love song


Valuable exchanges as life rearranges

Organised chaos will prevail

Instant gratification by changing my station

Damaged by hitting the last nail


LOVE intercepts TIME

Time for the healer to heal

Tired from carrying the heavy load

Trying to repair age-old problems

Testing and clearing the new road


Interesting chimes of communication

Invisible helpers will assist and plan

Internet prompting intuition with

Inklings measured by HeartSpan


Memories afloat of lost loved ones

Melt into opportunities to let go

Moments in time we sink into

More than we care to show


Eventually her Love will heal “Times” damage

Engraved messages still bleeding his heart

Eleven times a day she finds more

Entangled thoughts brutally torn apart

DR.whoPOCKETwatch time piece

Pussyfoots observation of this week’s planetary aspects


Venus trine Chiron,  Mars trine Venus, Venus Square Uranus, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Venus /Saturn, Venus /Neptune, Mercury opposition Pluto

Slashed !

The earth has many cycles

we’ve always been one with the earth

pussyfoot’s tyres were slashed

But a new bike will rebirth

Pussyfoot will ride again