Insider Reminder

You’ve been to the future

so apparently you know how this ends

but did we forget or consider

that the sands of time keep shifting

Nothing is set in concrete

destiny is altered every moment

with every choice we make

every action we take

every heart we break

here and now

Yesterday’s continue to shape

and mould the view

we only know what we know


we don’t know what we don’t know


is there a danger in knowing

too much

too soon

Projecting into the future

observing possible outcomes

altering your perception

and sending others into a spin

Lining up to bend your way

the Universe wants to deliver

your wishes

But what about everyone else?

being pushed and pulled by

all the thoughts that were ever thought

forever floating around waiting

to be acknowledged

Making adjustments

to clear the way

to make your day

Follow the guiding lights

they shine for you

over the molehills and faraway

from the temptations

and distractions

designed to test and tease

Letting the other gods pull your strings

will attract more of the same

Expand your awareness

taking a wide angle view

Measurements of the big picture

are only limited by your imagination

Explore that playground

of your own imagination

And play nice together


Pussyfoot insider reminder






So I’ve served my purpose

and you figured it all out

Something we both had to learn

but there’s still so much doubt

Maybe it’s just intrigue

a curiosity to kill the cat

See what truth lies behind those eyes

find answers

Or is that just my ego

That persistent nagging ego

It tricks me to think i need to

Try harder

Achieve to succeed

Prove myself

do better and think bigger

Years of conditioning

implanted in my brain

Do this don’t do that

Cant you read the sign?

My new and improved

Human design

Sadly needs more practise

To think from the heart

Act from the wisdom of the soul

Listen for direction from

My almighty self

But what IF

my pussyfooting helped you

I can only hope

if my purpose was to annoy you

that all your sweet and sticky situations

were fruitful

You got the big picture long ago

But i kept messing it up

With my spray can

Im sorry, please forgive me, i & I love you

You played along

Just for me

Until the penny dropped

But i think they ran out of coin

And i’m left here wondering why

Why things don’t work

like they did before

And why the door closed

Before I could explore



Q….do you measure up

Ecological Footprint


FOOTography:: FOOTprint selfie



Karmic Spin Cycle

Is it your task to bring them down a peg or two?

soften and bleach before the dark stain spreads?

After the ecstasy we can hang out laundry

Spin some yarns and cut off old threads

pussyfoot thoughts and reminders

Catch a Wave…

…”you’ll be sitting on the top of the world” The Beach Boys

 footography by Morgan Maassen

Pro Surfer Stephanie Gilmore Knows the Secret to Happiness

“Stephanie always has three things on her: a magic surfboard, some sort of exotic guitar, and her golden smile,” Feb.2015


check out Morgan’s website and awesome photographs

Playlist to share

congrats…Stephanie Gilmore wins 2017 Roxy Pro, Photo by WSL / Sloane



little ship of dreams

“Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)”

Heading out this morning into the sun
Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin’ one

Warm wind caress her
Her lover it seems
Oh, Annie
Dreamboat Annie my little ship of dreams

Going down the city sidewalk alone in the crowd
No one knows the lonely one whose head’s in the clouds

Sad faces painted over with those magazine smiles
Heading out to somewhere won’t be back for a while

HEART album: “Dreamboat Annie” (1976)  buy this CD or download MP3s at!

Magic Man
Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)
Crazy On You
Soul Of The Sea
Dreamboat Annie
White Lightning And Wine
(Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Son




Rocky Points and sharp edges


It’s real

Its salty

Soggy evidence and signs of being broken

Pussyfoot wallows in depths of raw emotion

And the Rooster crows at three


Wash  over the Seahorse kissing the moon

As her heart struggles to split open

Why must there be pain from things unspoken?


Observing this uncomfortable slick

She knows enough to let it slide don’t let it stick


Paddling in the past

Fossicking in the future

Pussyfoot gains knowledge yet

At a loss to understand

As she sits with this twisted ache

With nobody to hold her hand


As the motherly witness

She sees the little ones face

Burdened by layers of fear

Memories she cannot simply erase

Resurfacing year after year


Allowing her little self to whimper

Curling up into the tiniest ball

Like a scared little kitten

Wanting to forget about it all


The swan greets the lamb with wings

Now she finds few words to explain

movement will express this heartfelt pain

It makes her feel so heartbroken


One step back

The wasp had given us an important token

Don’t hold so tight on rewind

Replayed in the mind like a movie night


Take a seat and fill the gap

Madness barks and resentment bites

She listens when the dog speaks back

Once more

Refill the cup and hold more light

Find your smile and remember to laugh

Try hard to forgive

It’s simply a narrower path

Pussyfoots hurdles and hurts

Navigating the seasonal “intensity”

Reading the cloud formations and animal symbolism (December 2016)