forgive me


im a projector and you are the reflector

playing the lines

stick to the script…. wait

ill be the actor and you be the director

when we get to the part

where I hurt you

i dont want to watch, ill turn away

its such a painful reminder

when the role is reversed

i know i hurt you and im truly sorry

inadvertently stepping on your toes

let me kiss your feet

please forgive me

im going to have words with the producer

……about my script


CHUCK JONES and pussy^^foot

Pussyfoot it may be to millions of fans, but to Chuck Jones Pussyfoot had no permanent name, “…call [him] Everykitten.”   Jones continues, “All the kitten had was the ability to love, so drawing him was comparatively simple.  A kitten’s ears are much bigger in relation to the face than an adult cat’s, and as in all young mammals, his forehead is very high.  I wanted him to be so darling that you feel you must pick him up and hug him, which is precisely what I wanted Marc Anthony to want to do.”


Pussyfoot first appeared in the short animated film, Feed the Kitty, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese.  It bowed (and me-owed) in theaters nationwide on February 2, 1952.  Robert Gribbroek was the animator and Philip DeGuard created the backgrounds.  Carl Stalling was the musical director and with Bea Benaderet as the voice of Marc Anthony’s mistress.

Charles Martin “Chuck” Jones (September 21, 1912 – February 22, 2002)




i know, i know

im just not quick enough

but aren’t we on the same team

i agree i agree

im not as smart as you

and my feet don’t even look the same

but please, please

pretty, pretty please dont

UNlove me