feathers in her cap….

…..Get plucked !!


Her radar often picks up interference

sending static down the line

Sensing someone nearby

Shonky shivers reminding her spine

Rubbing her eyes was rather symbolic

Trying to block things out might bring her down

Pretending not the notice

He followed her right into town

When she stuck her hand up through the sunroof

It was not for a rude gesture to share

She was releasing his feather from her cap

Whispering softly  “he no longer cares”

Trophies and treasure no longer bring her pleasure

So let him crush it or run it over now

Leave it all on the track and don’t look back

the cat will no longer meow

some dark feathers remain stuck in pussyfoot’s throat

watching his Birds mess with her antennae

hunt or be hunted she hesitates

Its her own heads crazy vendetta

Blessings from Pussyfoot

La la la

La la la la la




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