About pussy^^foot

pussyFOOT around with me or jump right in…pussfootinterruption
FOOTloose and fancy free travel diary and reminders of fun
wet feetFOOTography …I don’t always intend to take a shot of my feet it started out as an accident.

FEETure random writing, confessions and rambles when I put my FOOT in it! or open my mouth to change feetcropped-cropped-wine1.jpg

TIPTOE and PUSSYFOOTING   My Procrastinators guide through obstacles and addictions, STEP-by-STEP reminders to stay on the FOOTpath

FOOTnotes Off on the right FOOT quotes, expressions and reminders

FOOTsies and other sensual explorations including FOOT and MOUTH with ease

FOOTpath Stories mainly about my journey with Marc Anthony

pussyfootmarc http://blog.chuckjones.com/chuck_redux/2009/06/chuck-jones-pussyfoot-1951.html

flatFOOT when I’m feeling down, a little awkward or uninspiredfootchoice

bareFOOT the naked truth and finding inspiration

FOOTball sorry guys nothing about football here only photo’s of male models mostly footballer physiques (I do like other body parts as well as feet!)

happyFEET something about music and dancing? possibly TOEtapping?


1.this blog is not restricted to those with similar interests or foot fetish 😉

2.Smiles are welcome here anytime 🙂

3.If you LIKE me I promise not to tell everyone that you like

FEET or Pussy even if you do

4.Feel free to FOLLOW and SHARE if you wish

5.It’s not compulsory to follow rules

enjoy 😉  Pussyfoot




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