GEM n EYE… the twins

by the sea

Neptune acts to dissolve whatever it touches

Square the Gemini Sun… self deception and facing the enemy

letting things happen without fighting back or responding

learning to let go of ego attachments… identity crisis

self image…re-worked for greater, perhaps more spiritual sense of purpose

pussyfoots reads at this Café…and tasted some of the abovementioned




Whos your daddy…

…drops of Zues

twins Artemis and Apollo





Cat among the pigeons

offer breadcrumbs and stir the pot

target practice hunting skills

homing pigeons don’t lose the plot !

Don’t shoot the messenger

or suffer swivel neck paranoia

you’ll find a pigeon pair

sitting on each shoulder

The twins are the same but different

an introvert switch extrovert twice

don’t stereotype or find a pigeonhole

just believe that awareness will suffice

Trust navigational skills for guidance

finding your way back home

underneath the radar

pigeon post must fly alone

pussyfooting flight plans