just a thought

Those brilliant thoughts and ideas

Where do they all go?

Around the block and into the atmosphere?

Maybe they fly across the field

to those who have the biggest catcher mitt

The ones who have the wildest imagination to reflect

The ones who allow dreams to enter reality

The ones who remain open to receive and expand

Leaving their doors wide open

The netted goal posts are ready

ready to collect your thoughts that slipped out

thoughts that are similar gather

magnetically attracted to one another

Balls of ideas and thoughts shoot through

From left, right and centre

Towards the goal

The catcher, the goalie, willingly collects

thought bubbles and balls of ideas

and at times some of your greatest fears

And he is now assigned to act them out

Or write it out

On your behalf

The heroes, the brave ones, the guru

The ones we love dearly, celebrity, the superstar

Up there for the whole world to see

Taking a fall for us

Smoothing the cutting edge for us

Easing the pain for us

Collecting the balls for us

And expressing the things

we are not yet brave enough to share

Tip your hat and thank the catcher

for he is the one prompting us

to express ourselves and to play the game

helping to access our creativity and release fears

until we are ready to own these

thought bubbles and balls of ideas

and express and manage them ourselves