see these eyes so green…

…I can stare for a thousand years


David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)



Ascension symptoms

LOVE lift us up where we belong

COOL your heals

Have you ever felt bombarded by suggestions and ideas?

Wondering if the voices would stop if you cut off your ears?

Maybe thoughts of rearranging  your nose despite your face?

Shut your mouth tight hoping life would fall into place?

Tried closing your eyes so the truth doesn’t seep through?

Then drowning your brain with booze avoiding starting something new?


YES x 6 = Classic symptoms suffered by pussyfoot

Nb.Pussyfoot read somewhere  See NO evil  Hear NO evil  Speak NO evil but it’s unclear if Monkey guidelines would apply to cats besides that she is notorious for misinterpreting so many things anyways


Almost Paradise

He loves to hate her and hates to love her

I know how he feels

One minute she’s loving and tender

Then she acts like it’s not real

From my observations

she pussyfoots around

this love light flickers

she doesn’t make a sound

she’ll draw you in to mesmerize your senses

and with longing fascination

you watch her rebuild the fences

it’s a technique she’s familiar with

labelled self preservation

her rejection safeguard

a well rehearsed renovation

in a way she actually mimics him

builds them up just to tear them down

these walls are pretty flimsy though

so he need not hold that frown

Pussy^^Foot  –  almost paradise

“Almost Paradise” …Love Theme from  the 1984 film Footloose , written by Eric Carmen and co-written by Dean Pitchford and sung as a duet by singers Mike Reno (Loverboy) and Ann Wilson (Heart).

Incidentally it is Kevin Bacon’s birthday today 8th July, 1958  ….LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOY