Breakthrough On-Set #3 “Weeds and Seeds”


Handle on your baggage

Any need to carry that weight?

Scars and stitches… sons of…

Old wounds… Let it Be

LOVE is all we need

Let’s fertilise Eden ‘s seed


PussyFoot observes Pluto digging up some dirt 




dont waste your time trying…

…to get my goat

leave the Kid alone

Hes my pet project

PussyFoot spotted Pluto and this fishy Goat pretending to be a Kid




Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.



my weakness

Wounded and lost

she keeps running

to the edge of freedom

Caught in the cross fire

of her dreams and desires

She took some shrapnel

in the back

of her mind

and kept small pieces

well hidden

Fragments of figments

embedded in the

depths of her imagination

will now resurface

to  open old wounds

for healing