JUST love… guardian whispers

They said I was rude and made callous remarks

Let there be awareness gently lighting those sparks

They told me it was best that I leave him alone

Let there be reflections guiding your patience zone

They think that I’m stupid and my directions all wrong

Let there be signposts and listen to their song

We can tune into many tones of love and temptations

Let there be moments, pleasure without ramifications

They class me as a snob because of my point of view

Let there be new classifications, JUST them and JUST you

They call me insensitive and believe that I’m mean

Let there be feedback, find your treasures unseen

They laugh at my suffering, make fun of my struggle

Let there be humour in this pain you must juggle

He watched me walk away nursing my heavy heart

Let there be forgiveness instead of tearing this apart

JUST love

PussyFoot whiskers sense guardian whispers… conversation with angels




don’t call me a chicken,…..pussy !


Cat and Chicken on Farm

pussyfoot’s regrettable reaction




What if?

What if all we ever did or did not do

was designed to be here this moment in time

You could forgive all the wrong doings and tragedy

and love in peaceful rhythm and rhyme

pussyfoot tries hard to forgive reptiles



What terrible things ?????

What terrible things

Have we all done?

And regretfully

Taken with us into

The next life

Eventually we learn

Respect for each other

Responsibility for our actions

Internally merging

Brilliantly shining

Light beings navigating

Ethereal landscapes

Travelling confused yet following

Heart centred signposts with

Inklings collected along the way

Nicely placed messages with some

Gravitational influence pulling wool over

Sending your moral compass to spin and seduce


pussyfoot wears Heart Shaped Wings……. couldn’t possibly do terrible things



halo missing


the beast in me/HIM

She wanted to forgive HIM

But forgiveness was not inclined

He is much like the surgeon

With a Halloween scalpel design


The incision was painless

He takes such pride in his work

But the first cut is the deepest

Staining her bloodfelt Hurt


He tried to Stitch things up

and heal everyone’s wounds

Over the past into the present

from the grave and in the womb


Healing in all dimensions

With magic in illusion of time

He now fears being persecuted

Announcing that everything is FINE


Will she ever forgive him?

Did he cry wolf when he was a boy?

Could she ever trust him again?

Suffer abuse or become his toy?


Pussyfoot can see a lighter side

Ohana…. means family

We are all tarred with the original brush

Surely everyone will see


Forgive him

He knew not what he was doing

Doctor…..even the Pussyfoot thinks

his heart is worth renewing


featured image :  http://alexgrey.com/art/paintings/soul/journy-of-the-wounded-healer/