thought Management

Out of sight searching out of mind

Helpful stints and roles we play blind

Disconnect before they project

Expectations on the table to reject

A silent reaction colours your every move

Retrogrades and renegades etch the old-age groove

Disc Spinner

PussyFootNotes: all retrograde cycles compel us to return to the scene of the crime


little ship of dreams

“Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)”

Heading out this morning into the sun
Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin’ one

Warm wind caress her
Her lover it seems
Oh, Annie
Dreamboat Annie my little ship of dreams

Going down the city sidewalk alone in the crowd
No one knows the lonely one whose head’s in the clouds

Sad faces painted over with those magazine smiles
Heading out to somewhere won’t be back for a while

HEART album: “Dreamboat Annie” (1976)  buy this CD or download MP3s at!

Magic Man
Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)
Crazy On You
Soul Of The Sea
Dreamboat Annie
White Lightning And Wine
(Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Son




WARNING:  dangerous for your health

Contemplating the pro’s and con’s

…I’ve had some terrible thoughts about you

Some of them quite deliberate

…and some were completely out of the blue


When I drift into my fantasy zone

…it’s a wonderful adventure

Then a memory of your wickedness

…creates a mind field architecture


My perception has been severely tainted

…by so many lies and delusion

So how would I ever know what’s real

…through this smokescreen of confusion


Images of you stick to my skin

…and I can’t simply wipe them off

There were times when I would say NO MORE!

…chain smoking… I’ve developed a cough


When you know it’s toxic

…and you still go back

Thinking one last puff

…it’s not as bad as smack


The devil you know

…you keep close at hand

The devil you don’t

… is like changing your brand


We could work through this together

…make tracks for others to follow

Although it seems rather uncomfortable

…this bitter pill we must swallow


Did I dream you were just here?

…or was it one more beautiful mirage

Sinking back into my twilight zone

…well designed by self sabotage


Pussyfoot  quit smoking years ago

Both feet wet

getting your hopes up

and your wires crossed

get to the bottom of it

before your temper gets lost

off the top of your head

end of the stick has misled

mind all over the place

stay put just in case

hedge your bets

trying to stake your claim

landing on your feet

up to your neck in fame

try eating your words

don’t bite off more than you can chew

sample the humble pie

you know the drill… in the far queue

just in the nick of time

you kick up your heels

you’ve hit the nail on the head

now foot the bill for my meals

if you are prepared to get your feet wet

you can make my toes curl

let’s put our best foot forward

go for broke….  I’m your girl


NO MORE pussyfooting !!

Princess pussyfooter

At any given moment you have


to say

this is not how the story is going to end


Experience is a difficult teacher

it offers the test first

the lesson afterwards


she’s right ! “you make up stories in your head”

spending days writing scripts creating characters

typing a hundred miles per hour and for what, for who?

the BIG screenplay writer the one we all hope will notice us one day

and give us our lucky break the one with all the power to grant our wishes

bring our stories to life, publish a new beginning a never ending story of a LIFE

filled with HAPPINESS fuelled by unconditional LOVE sprinkled with SWEETNESS and familiar flavours of the TRUTH stirred vigorously by the SOUL brought to the bubble breaking boil over KARMA perfecting the Al dente consistency of EGO spiced up a little by SPIRITS garnished with a sour taste of REALITY “it’s all just make believe mum” AN EXTRA SERVE please “it’s all in your head” DOUBLE HELPING thanks “you are certifiably crazy” OUCH was that a knife in my back? BITEback2

is everybody on this food chain required to dish out

FEEDback that spoils your appetite?

QUESTIONS about Pussy^^foot taste buds and NEW diet plans CATmuzzle

Great Expectations

Sometimes we are on the same page

We’ll enjoy a paragraph or two

But when we skip to a different chapter

I’m like a nut chasing a screw



You must be from a different planet

I don’t understand you at all

Drawing me in with your magnetic charms

Pulling the rug just to watch me fall

RUGpuller3I’m already loopy; screwed up in the head

I don’t need extra help from you

Not always responding how you imagine?

Are your Great Expectations overdue?

ESTELLAAnger won’t force me into submission

I’m sorry I don’t play that way

Why don’t you try next door tomorrow

They might know the right words to say

ESTELLAandPIPStruggling to keep a lid on it all

Adjusting emotional dials to cope

We could review that choice to zone out

Light up a joint and smoke some dope?

SMOKEinDREAMEventually I might follow your rules

And do exactly as you say

It’s not bloody likely though

Pussyfoot is not inclined to obeypussyfootKNEADSyou


Then of course you already knew that

I’ve always been a difficult princess

If you don’t let me have what I want

I’ll slap you for all that false pretense


Pussy^^foot KISS and HUGS


trouble with sex

Trouble with sex is you can fall in love

By Renee Weldon From the 2005 Irish drama Trouble with Sex

Songwriters: Finn, Neil Mullane