daytime and the dark…

…we will never forget it

Throw Your Arms Around Me

I dreamed of you at nighttime
And I watched you in your sleep
I met you in high places

I touched your head and touched your feet


Two is company…

Beware of that sticky third aspect

Playing unholy triad without respect

There is you and there is me

and invariably we become three

This bliss seems like divine interventions

The perfect match in soul mate dimensions

Then splitting off into some parallel universe

where two lovers meet to relate and converse

A portal left open is a dangerous invitation

for dark cupid’s poison arrows perforation

Once you’ve been stung you will fall under his spell

Whilst evil spirits set the table and ring your bell

Food for thought and thoughts bend over rude

They will feed on your emotion and fertilise your mood

Take care and keep hold of your positive light

Negativity breeds pain and brings darkness upon night

Safe guard your mind to allow for better perception

If there are birds in your antennae you may have a dodgy connection

Seeking help try looking toward a higher authority

Speaking with your almighty SELF will ultimately help the majority

I write these INKlings from a place in liquid time

Where Pussyfoot is mesmerised then balanced with rhyme

 Pussyfoots nocturnal visitor… three’s a crowdrandyRABBIT



Both feet wet

getting your hopes up

and your wires crossed

get to the bottom of it

before your temper gets lost

off the top of your head

end of the stick has misled

mind all over the place

stay put just in case

hedge your bets

trying to stake your claim

landing on your feet

up to your neck in fame

try eating your words

don’t bite off more than you can chew

sample the humble pie

you know the drill… in the far queue

just in the nick of time

you kick up your heels

you’ve hit the nail on the head

now foot the bill for my meals

if you are prepared to get your feet wet

you can make my toes curl

let’s put our best foot forward

go for broke….  I’m your girl


NO MORE pussyfooting !!