Goodness gracious me

He was the extension lead

The conduit to channel her healing

But she was a secret shopper

Waiting to catch him out stealing


He felt an overwhelming temptation

To use his power to reach all he desires

It was her role to test him

Making sure there were no crossed wires


She was cautioned about falling so deeply

Knew that the Mind would play tricks

Yet she played along with the charade

Biting hard without bleeding for kicks


When she realised her own power

It attracted great responsibility

But that pussyfoot wasn’t ready for it

And it was all blown out to sea


Those already in the NOW

Have mastered surfing the waves

They can teach us all better moves

Learning to free the other slaves


All energy is borrowed

Some call for it more than others

We are all here to serve

It’s just that some work better UNDER covers


Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers “Millionairess”






There was limited chance of flying with me

While you surrounded yourself with her dark mystery

But worst of all you sold your soul

And she helped you to dig a fucking great hole

Playing the victim, suits worn seeking attention

Saving you from yourself was my foolish intention

When I did reach out with some comic relief

I was met with a challenge beyond my belief

The bridge you designed to reach my imagination

Collapsed several times under your own jubilation

Safety in numbers and a strategy to win

Words are your weapons and reasoning for sin

When I made my choices to play your game

My disappointment rose as you put me to shame

But I read somewhere experience is necessary

So I played along until I read your obituary

Now life has shifted like sand in the hour glass

Pussyfoot wishes you the best knowing the pain will pass