Lifting the Lids


Hypnosis their chosen entertainment

Eyes opened like windows to the soul

Lining up now for public humiliation

Leave them to dig their own hole


Hells gates were disguised so plainly

Afterlife is the point where Know returns

Tricksters often trade with dark magic

How many lives before one learns?


Frantically trying to backpedal

Unleashing vital messages well hid 

Randomly striking out against opposition

Young bloods spin Pandora with no lid


 And then there was Hope

PussyFoot claims that Curiosity did not kill the cat

Hope has been hiding in the box all along



kept in the dark…

… and fed UP

is no excuse for hiding from the light

pussyfoot’s profound pondering



“let me bring you to where two roads meet”

All my life, I worshipped her.
Her golden voice, her beauty’s beat.
How she made us feel, how she made me real.
And the ground beneath her feet.
And the ground beneath her feet.And now I can’t be sure of anything.
Black is white and cold is heat.
For what I worshipped stole my love away.
It was the ground beneath her feet.
It was the ground beneath her feet

Go lightly down your darkened way.
Go lightly underground. I’ll be down there in another day.
I won’t rest until you’re found.
Let me love you, let me rescue you.
Let me bring you where two roads meet. Oh come back above.
Where there is only love. Only love…
Let me love you true, let me rescue you.
Let me bring you to where two roads meet

Let me love you true, let me rescue you.
Let me bring you to where two roads meet

U2 The Ground Beneath Her Feet (song) by U2


NINE lives of pussyfooting

Eight lifetimes of learning together

Six continents we explored

Four corners of the globe shattered

Two hearts could not be ignored

Seven worlds designed to collide

Five years in lost and lonely

Three days of darkness and despair

One moment in time slowly

Nine lives of pussyfooting

today’s song choice…. Nothing Compares to You




Don’t lead me into your war zone

Infuriate so I’ll fight back

Pushing my buttons for a reaction

Stimulating anger and that snap

Humiliation you orchestrate perfectly

Invoked by desires and honouring your need

Trampling over my confidence

Scratch my eye and I’ll make you bleed



dragon me back

You know I don’t like the dark

yet I’m drawn in awe of your brilliance

Those graphic reminders of pain

dragon back to the cave with resistance


pussyfoot warrior defences weakened