Lowered EYE Que

Noise calculations and eye examinations

Under the impression I’m always wrong

Lifelong lessons adding to my collection

Longing to sing in harmonious song


Valuable exchanges as life rearranges

Organised chaos I’ll have to accept

Interrupted by perception pointing in a new direction

Demoted feelings remained well kept

PussyFoot problems and perception… go join the Far Que



on the whispering wind

The restless breeze kicks up the leaves

and scatters them like confetti

Resting much like a sprinkle of love

finely chopped with a machete


The heart has more than four seasons

Why waste time examining the reasons

Conflicting emotions and confusion

Let’s just play here in the magic and illusion

Pussyfooting on all fours (seasons)

SUBletting freeDOM

he tells me how it is

i remember how it was

we talk about how it could be

the strategy to set us free

The Present, The Past, The Future

SUBletting freeDOM