Rocky Points and sharp edges


It’s real

Its salty

Soggy evidence and signs of being broken

Pussyfoot wallows in depths of raw emotion

And the Rooster crows at three


Wash  over the Seahorse kissing the moon

As her heart struggles to split open

Why must there be pain from things unspoken?


Observing this uncomfortable slick

She knows enough to let it slide don’t let it stick


Paddling in the past

Fossicking in the future

Pussyfoot gains knowledge yet

At a loss to understand

As she sits with this twisted ache

With nobody to hold her hand


As the motherly witness

She sees the little ones face

Burdened by layers of fear

Memories she cannot simply erase

Resurfacing year after year


Allowing her little self to whimper

Curling up into the tiniest ball

Like a scared little kitten

Wanting to forget about it all


The swan greets the lamb with wings

Now she finds few words to explain

movement will express this heartfelt pain

It makes her feel so heartbroken


One step back

The wasp had given us an important token

Don’t hold so tight on rewind

Replayed in the mind like a movie night


Take a seat and fill the gap

Madness barks and resentment bites

She listens when the dog speaks back

Once more

Refill the cup and hold more light

Find your smile and remember to laugh

Try hard to forgive

It’s simply a narrower path

Pussyfoots hurdles and hurts

Navigating the seasonal “intensity”

Reading the cloud formations and animal symbolism (December 2016)


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