MUD washes off

Insinuation smeared him

…with sticky accusation

She’s aiming at her target

…shots of character assassination


Casting nets over aspersion

…unchanged shadows reeling in doubt

Attacked with weapons of humiliation

…sneaky cat in the bag was let out


Insulting slurs stained

…his squeaky reputation

Now he is sentenced to more

…layers of condemnation


Scandalous implications leak

…dripping into self incrimination

Those lies and masks they like to wear

…melt down into their own creation


A BIG wrap over his knuckles

…slap on her paws for defamation

Publishing more words IMpressed

…Salute Switch Foot… About Facing


LOVEview…ONE eighty view



S witch Foot

A bout Face

D ays of Old Without a Trace





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