WARNING:  dangerous for your health

Contemplating the pro’s and con’s

…I’ve had some terrible thoughts about you

Some of them quite deliberate

…and some were completely out of the blue


When I drift into my fantasy zone

…it’s a wonderful adventure

Then a memory of your wickedness

…creates a mind field architecture


My perception has been severely tainted

…by so many lies and delusion

So how would I ever know what’s real

…through this smokescreen of confusion


Images of you stick to my skin

…and I can’t simply wipe them off

There were times when I would say NO MORE!

…chain smoking… I’ve developed a cough


When you know it’s toxic

…and you still go back

Thinking one last puff

…it’s not as bad as smack


The devil you know

…you keep close at hand

The devil you don’t

… is like changing your brand


We could work through this together

…make tracks for others to follow

Although it seems rather uncomfortable

…this bitter pill we must swallow


Did I dream you were just here?

…or was it one more beautiful mirage

Sinking back into my twilight zone

…well designed by self sabotage


Pussyfoot  quit smoking years ago


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