pressure points


It’s a tricky situation

Handling deep dark emotions

With a salty pointed finger

Especially at those

Entangled within pussyfoots heart

They attach and tend to linger


Strings Wrap around

hand-me-down thoughts

Holding them firmly

Squeezing the life

from mind made fantasies

Spilling into sensual surprises

Playing everything that arises


Deeply Troubled

While handcuffed to an overwound clock

Slapped by unforgiving hands of time

Try waving yesterday’s goodbye

Melting with space between paws in chime


Palms spoke freedom

Exploring the depth of your own wickedness

Choosing to bring the darkness up

In a safe place at two arms length

Notice the striking resemblance

burning through to REmind

with thumbs up acceptance

understanding faith of the blind



Truly Madly in-love following insanely out-of-tune

Written pages and notes from a long forgotten show

Fall below the stage

where acoustically deranged Angels play

to an applause of appreciation

whilst the Actors continually rehearse Happiness

Tickling our funny bone

Yet nobody really knows the Score

“Love Deeply Forevermore”

Hands Down


Set your own tempo

Hands down, handling, touched, finger pointing, squeezed, hold tight, applause, arms length, hands of time, hand-me-down, slapped, writing, funny bone, Palmistry,  thumbs Up, shoulder the blame, handcuffed, waving goodbye, reach out and touch somebody, second hand news, musical director, hand stand, fingers burnt

pussyFOOTs  REFLEXOLOGY pressure points



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