“I’ve got your back”

My dragonfly ally hunts away all other bugs

Any intruders that fly near me he chases them away

No other bodyguard has been so dedicated

Helping me, guiding me and keeping me safe

Organising and patrolling the immediate area

Ordering the other insects off the premises

Determined and loyal when appointed as my protector



Even the cicadas are terrified of him

Notice his “tough guy” approach


Even willing to risk life and wings for me

God only knows why !

Overly masculine response perhaps


Stage is set to move forward with grace

Offering recognition and a faster pace

Under closer inspection it’s not even a race

Leaving behind your baggage without a trace



Balance is the BIG Gig coming up

After this minuscule show is over

Love is the new currency to exchange

Act Five supports acrobatics mid flight

Newly wed they will join tonight

Consummate and harmonize

Evolution of the human kind


Perspective of a Pussyfoot Princess

FOOTNOTE: it must be because he loves that pussyfoot so much….that he is willing to risk life and wing for her (3rd February, 2016)



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