“haunting me like a ship on the sea”

He no longer has time for her

He grew tired and bored with that muse

Something changed

Some things shifted

Was it him or was it her who was used?


They no longer see eyes with eyes

perhaps they never did

reflections of light cause optical illusions

roam answer remaining well hid


behind the visible laughter lines

smiles scream history with all their pain

rising to the surface

believing it’s worth doing all again


they can’t quite put their finger on it

some blame just wanting to be scratched

An irritation festers under the skin

Their wounds are so well matched


Dismissing all the wonderful signs

dark gems with crystal visions

The brighter the light they project

The darker the shadow mission


Suspicious minds still breeding

swivel neck paranoia

both seeking response and affection

double trouble setting out to annoy her


Round and round in circles of cycles

conjuring up some bigger drama

will this nonsense come to an end

paying back it’s ping pong karma?


Playing the part she expected

he finds a new subject for distraction

set the stage with a junk yard mind

avoid and deny this fast lane addiction


Please forgive his misapprehension

let him finish his proud Hail Mary

He rounds up all the prostitutes

then wants to run the missionary


Meanwhile the whole world is watching

their interaction a global sensation

God be with you means “goodbye”

seek to expand on mind made contraction


Stirring the pot while spilling breadcrumbs

turning up the heat  lets go faster

Someone left the cake out in the rain

It all adds up as a recipe for disaster


Was their precious energy wasted?

Disappointment layer after layer?

He’s finished with the white knight armour

Reluctantly signed up as dragon slayer


He thought she was worth it

She thought he was fun

He chases gold under rainbows

But pussyfoot follows the sun


They search for the same thing

true love and happiness

So he shakes his can furiously

Spraying over worldwide mess


His mind bent, bitter and twisted

She retired from figuring things out

Then he got nasty fuelled with anger

and she began perfecting her pout


He said She said

HEART dots….—-lines MIND

Differences acknowledged

It’s just the way they are designed


Remarkable connectivity explored

Untangled yet forever joined

They struggled to win each other’s heart

And totally missed the point


We’re all in this together

going out on a limb for someone

It could lead to falling out of your branch

hopping mad or free falling as one


They enjoyed each other’s company

Once upon a time

But when they both grew up

They didn’t match the nursery rhyme


The day he noticed that pussyfoot

Her heart opened to discern

Piercing through the outer layers

He cracked her shell so she could learn


With his laser beam precision

Etching initials so careful and deep

Making it public about his intention

What you sow you’re entitled to reap


He led her along all the way

Pushing her to the outer edge

Expecting she would eventually fall

So he waited there on the ledge


He’s held the reins on her buggy

While she searched for a steering wheel

Time differences in their travels

Seemed unbelievable yet so real


The foundation of boundaries and status

Follow the achievement of self rule

Wherever they travelled while searching

Unfolded lessons at New Earth School


Travelling into different timelines

Pussyfoot’s pads sense and feel

Treading lightly not to upset anyone

Trying to understand what is real


Opening her mouth however

she usually changes feet

like Bridget Jones saying all the wrong things

while trying hard to be discreet


So have they come full circle

Back to square ONE…  and ONE

Spinning off the turntable

Allowing time to come undone


Where ever the road may lead them

She’ll never be sorry to have known

The boy who kindly held her hand

And watched from afar how she has grown


Story time in rhyme

Written by Pussyfoot based on some exaggerated truths







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