Afternoon Delight

Attracted by her flighty style

And beautiful patterns of light

He grabs her from behind

Rough and tumble his ancient right


Showing his true colours

aggressive territorial tendency

Engaged in courtship rituals

asserting his neon supremacy


A firm grip clasping her neck

Positioning the wheel formation

Locked together with fertile promise

Full circle of life’s wonderful creation


Initiating his full intentions

Securing mid-flight tandem linking

Copulating merrily merrily

Down the stream without ever sinking


Closed circle of joined bodies

In the throes of intimate passion

A pair of mating dragonflies

Open to euphoric navigation


Landing pad is now my foot

An interesting perch to consummate

Viewing of their coupling

Tickled pink can stimulate


Supporting the last-in position

on their flight path homeward bound

Witness to a sacred union I am

Gratefully smiling without a sound

Pussyfoots…….Afternoon Delight

STARLAND VOCAL BAND – Afternoon Delight

check this dragonfly poem out…..

Evils Beauty by Amanda Martinez







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