duck and weave

I’m in a JAM !!!


Watch the moving target

Pretending to act out

Play along or they’ll pull you under

If you don’t swim you’ll sink

You set this up yourself

The gods just help you play it out

If you don’t stick to the script

Then they may hunt you down

Send you back to the start

And tell you to try again

Circles and cycles

Karma and drama

That’s entertainment

What goes around comes around

The gods must think I’m crazy

Approach tricky situations with humour I say

Give them something to smile about

No need to stress you can write it out

Find a small detail to focus on

That relates to your divine mission

Highlight the love and enjoy the ride

Bring forward the funny side

Have a laugh while you learn

Imagine the gods laughing with you

That’s entertainment

Pussyfoot keeps her strings attached

Just for the show

The gods must think I’m crazy

That’s entertainment

If it’s not the gods or planets making you do what you do

Then it could be the E.T.’S – EGO TESTERS

who will find you a likely candidate

to be your mirror and drive you crazy

But pussyfoot is already there

The gods already know I’m crazy

That’s entertainment

Pussyfoot style


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