TO JUDGE : who am I?

She boasted about having an affair

with this man who lives down the street

Pointing as his wife was leaving

saying we must be discreet

….well why the fuck are you telling me this?

BUT who am I to judge?

We are Twin Flames she said

his wife just doesn’t understand

Fate has brought us together

and he should be holding MY hand

…..I wonder how HE feels about that?

BUT who am I to judge?

She leaned with a negative slant

toward another man I know and trust

Warning me that he may be tempted

to steal or at least bathe in my lust

….how does she know this? Did she have an affair with him too?

BUT who am I to judge?

My radar flashed several red flags

when she told me that we were the same

Once a Priestess always a Priestess

but I chose not to buy into her claim

….we view with different lens and filters for information

BUT who am I to judge?

Perhaps she was telling fibs and stories

just to spin my moral compass

I tried not to react or judge her

when she implied it was them and us

….consequently I didn’t continue to associate with her

That was four years ago, interesting that this comes up now

BUT who am I to judge?

PUSSYfoot  smiles and sends hugs and love

and wonders about that fork in the road

Did she take a wrong turn at Albuquerque?

find her Prince and stop kissing toads?

FOOTnote: I had my suspicions and a theory about the Twin Flame scenario and I found a similar interpretation at DarkStar Astrology, please take the time to check out Marina’s website for some amazing insight – TWIN FLAME OR HELL FIRE?





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