the beast in me/HIM

She wanted to forgive HIM

But forgiveness was not inclined

He is much like the surgeon

With a Halloween scalpel design


The incision was painless

He takes such pride in his work

But the first cut is the deepest

Staining her bloodfelt Hurt


He tried to Stitch things up

and heal everyone’s wounds

Over the past into the present

from the grave and in the womb


Healing in all dimensions

With magic in illusion of time

He now fears being persecuted

Announcing that everything is FINE


Will she ever forgive him?

Did he cry wolf when he was a boy?

Could she ever trust him again?

Suffer abuse or become his toy?


Pussyfoot can see a lighter side

Ohana…. means family

We are all tarred with the original brush

Surely everyone will see


Forgive him

He knew not what he was doing

Doctor…..even the Pussyfoot thinks

his heart is worth renewing


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