DREAM for sale

She’s travelled many miles and stones

in search of paradise

She was reassigned for adventure

Wheels turned to roll the dice


She shared LOVEviews and laughs

Ventured up mountains and high hopes

She found and lost some dead ends

and she learnt how to use ropes


She’s independent of external power

would gladly keep you warm and safe

She could be your much loved companion

allowing free dom to steer blind faith


She’s been circling many roundabouts

Driven insane around the bend

She aims to move forward gracefully

And would welcome a dear friend


She’s fully equipped for a lifestyle

accommodating loads of fun

She discovered some magical journeys

whilst chasing the moon and the sun


She knows how to embrace the good times

Life on the road is a dream with inTENTion

She IS the dream, SHE is up for sale

Her owner reluctantly now must mention


PUSSYfoot’s Motorhome for sale $38,000 ono

Nb. Dragonflies and dream catchers not included

Dashboard coconut named Wilson negotiable



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