she’s right ! “you make up stories in your head”

spending days writing scripts creating characters

typing a hundred miles per hour and for what, for who?

the BIG screenplay writer the one we all hope will notice us one day

and give us our lucky break the one with all the power to grant our wishes

bring our stories to life, publish a new beginning a never ending story of a LIFE

filled with HAPPINESS fuelled by unconditional LOVE sprinkled with SWEETNESS and familiar flavours of the TRUTH stirred vigorously by the SOUL brought to the bubble breaking boil over KARMA perfecting the Al dente consistency of EGO spiced up a little by SPIRITS garnished with a sour taste of REALITY “it’s all just make believe mum” AN EXTRA SERVE please “it’s all in your head” DOUBLE HELPING thanks “you are certifiably crazy” OUCH was that a knife in my back? BITEback2

is everybody on this food chain required to dish out

FEEDback that spoils your appetite?

QUESTIONS about Pussy^^foot taste buds and NEW diet plans CATmuzzle


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